SpaceX made history with the successful launch of Falcon Heavy today, currently the most powerful rocket on Earth. I anxiously watched the launch, knowing each possible step where things may go wrong and was in complete awe as each stage passed successfully. With each passing moment the rocket climbed higher and higher the greater my overall excitement grew along with it – just so incredible to watch!

Photos source: SpaceX Flickr account and SpaceX YouTube video

One of the true highlights was seeing the pair of boosters simultaneously land perfectly – how amazing to witness such feats of technical engineering achievement that only a few years ago could have passed for science fiction.

The loss of the central core I could tell by watching the screens in the background and as such confirmed through some twitter posts. Two of the three engines failed to burn and slow down the central core and causes it to crash into the ocean at 300 miles/hr near the drone ship. None the less, that was a minor setback considering everything else that went so right during the test flight. Elon Musk himself confirmed that in the follow up post launch press conference where he noted that “if anything could have failed, that would have been the one booster to do it.”

Watch the historic SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

Video source: SpaceX Youtube channel // time: 34:18 mins:seconds

Starman and the Tesla Roadster in Space

One of the other elements that truly caught our imaginations was the surreal sight of seeing an actual car leisurely float in space against the beautiful blue marbled Earth backdrop. 3 cameras were mounted around the vehicle to get a view of the dashboard, the driver side and from the front end of the car offering breath-taking views as it past over oceans and continents below.

Watch the full Starman in a Tesla feed

Video source: SpaceX Youtube channel // time: 4:39:48 hours:mins:seconds