SmugMug snaps up Flickr in a recent email announcement sent to exiting Flickr users, like me, noting of the upcoming change. Why did this happen? Let’s dive in a little deeper for some answers.

Brief History

Flickr was founded in 2004 and billed itself as the first website dedicated to photographers. At the time it was a big deal, and quickly became THE website to post and share your photos on. It also served as a premier stage for established photographers to showcase their work and new ones get discovered by a global audience. Although not as popular as it once was, it still holds over 100 million registered users (myself included).

SmugMug was founded two years earlier in 2002 and has always billed itself more of a photography community, with emphasis on sharing and story telling. Seemingly more family friendly oriented, the site grew into its own following and became more popular at the expense of Flickr’s popularity waned. Today it has planted itself as a key player in the photography market serving both personal and business brands.

Why did this happen?

In early 2018, Yahoo under the weight of burden of having one of the largest data breaches of its customer data ever (that is before Facebook breach) decided to allow it be bought by Verizon, which itself had already bought one time Yahoo competitor AOL years earlier. So Verizon soon combined the two into a brand new company now known as Oath. Shortly after Oath’s creation, it began selling off previous aquistions it nolonger felt matched their current business model, which as of a few days ago now includes Flickr.

So what’s the next step?

For now, SmugMug has stated the following in their latest email to Flickr users:

Nothing will change immediately with regard to your Flickr account. You will still access Flickr with your current login credentials and you will have the same Flickr experience as you do now. We will continue to work to make your Flickr experience even better.

The date has been set to May 25, 2018 as the official changeover date. Existing Flickr user should download and delete their accounts prior to this date if they don’t want to become part of the SmugMug family.

Read more about the massive change here or watch the video below:

Video courtesy SmugMug YouTube channel