Responsive Website

The website had gone over a major overhaul the past couple weeks and finally launched tonight!

This year has show a good number of media attention around the website which meant it was a good time to rethink the design to make it more responsive and mobile friendly. A new logo was created incorporating the cherry blossom for a warmer and more welcoming feel to the site visitor.

SakurainHIghPark new 2014 logo design : new 2014 colour and black/white logo design


Overall the redesign included a refreshed interface with brighter, cleaner visuals and icons. Based on the excellent Enfold WordPress template and custom CSS code I updated the page sizing, theme colours and elements and used to full advantage the included page builder to create the accompanied pages for the various sections of the site.

I wanted to focus on the photography as much as possible in this new design. I included large slideshow based galleries for each Sakura Watch posting. All 2014 images were saved in 1920 x 1080 (HD resolution) sizes for better full screen quality when viewing.

The second important part of this design was maximizing ad placements for increased revenue potential. This meant finding a fine balance of placing the ads in a way that supports the page instead of overpowering it. The images are the true hero of the site and the layout reflects the weight of the images.

Future plans will include adding an online store and dedicated gallery spaces. What do you think of the new design? The homepage design is shown below – let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

SakurainHighPark website homepage : new 2014 website design



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