Why-Steria Marketing & Promotions Branding

Designed a new branding identity to from logo to stationary to website and more.

Why-Steria Marketing & Promotions required a complete rebranding initiative that established a cohesive brand identity across all faces of the company from stationary to merchandise to web. Goal was to design a creative and funky feel while maintaining professional level of modern elegance. Wisteria floral imagery was also a key component in the final brand design.

Logo Design and Brand Identity Developed the logo concept and evolved the design theme across all print and web related materials and promotional merchandise.

Outdoor Signage & Graphics The logo design was applied to a variety of signage to the exterior of the Why-Steria offices, including banners along the side of the building with copy that reinforced the themes with phrases “Why Market // Why Promote // Why Steria”. Graphics were also added to company vehicles.

Why-Steria Marketing & Promotions : vertical logos light and dark versions
Primary Font
Warnock Pro font preview
Heading Font
Warnock Pro font preview
Secondary Font

Univers 57 Condensed | 400 Weight

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Body Font

Univers 57 Condensed | 400 Weight

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Pantone Black C
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Page samples from Why-Steria.com

Marketing & Promotions

The new branding was carried across all sides of the project including business cards, signage and merchandise.


Following the friendly theme, stylized illustrations were used to reference each employee of the company and was used throughout the website and promotional materials.

Why-Steria : website graphic icons and buttons

Technologies Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat

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