PowerPoint Slide Design

Designed graphics and animations for various projects using Microsoft PowerPoint.

I have designed numerous slide presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. Projects ranged from small internal corporate meetings up, to public speaking engagements, to multi-million dollar contract winning client presentations. With each design, I followed my one basic rule for great presentations:

engage the audience and convey the message through great graphics and animation

The goal is to ensure the presenter has the best visuals and informative experience to support their overall message. The more engaged the audience is, the greater level of retention will be achieved.

View the Slide Demo Reel video to see a few examples of slides in motion. Screen captures of static pages are also located further down.


  • conceptualized and designed all iconography & branding of slides
  • designed and created custom graphics and supportive images
  • designed and incorporated custom charts from Excel
  • developed custom animations within PowerPoint
  • optimized for use in both Mac and PC environments, including noting subtle differences between each (ie video)


View individual samples of slides as seen in the demo reel video.

Technologies Used

Microsoft PowerPoint
 Microsoft Excel

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