nSite Email Newsletters

Designed custom graphics and modified Mailchimp templates for Smith + Andersen’s quarterly nSite newsletter.

As Art Director for Smith + Andersen, I sourced and created images, graphics and layouts for the quarterly nSite newsletter that was sent out to nearly 10,000 clients. Each edition was based on an engineering topic that required a custom lead photo to visually support the theme and serve as an attention grabbing aesthetic to invite clients to read the newsletter.

Mailchimp was used to send out the newsletters and required custom mail list management. Internal contact database was a custom solution and unable to sync directly to Mailchimp which meant maintaining both databases through manual processes via Excel spreadsheets.

Each nSite newsletter template was customized with initial full length emails and I then reconfigured the layouts to allow for shorter emails that lead the reader to engage the full version on the S+A website.

Role included

  • designing the lead newsletter graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • updated Mailchimp templates including adding custom CSS styles and HTML
  • managed and manually synced contact mail lists with internal proprietary database and Mailchimp database
  • managed the final email approval and deployment process
  • reported on campaign results based on Mailchimp analytics

Email Designs

Email design samples designed for Smith + Andersen nSite newsletter.

Technologies Used

Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
Mailchimp (Email Marketing)

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