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In November 2011, the Daily Planet television show on the Discovery Channel held an impromptu design contest for viewers to send in their ideas for a logo badge on a new televised segment called “The Robogeddon“. The concept was to playfully incorporate the idea of how robots are continually beginning to infiltrate our daily lives and posing a possible threat to all humans in the form of an eventual robot uprising in the form of “the Robogeddon”.

This concept was completely illustrated from using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom Intuos tablet and took inspiration from the old Ghostbusters movie logo as well as the blocky shape of classic ’60s era science fiction tv robots which at the time featured attenae, lights and dials. I chose to add a menacing expression and drew one leg of the robot to be stepping out from behind the barricade as as a clue to the impending robotic invasion! My design which aired during the show is shown below:

Robogeddon : Logo badge concept

Robogeddon : Logo badge concept

Though there was no official winner of the contest and the challenge to illustrate is always fun, I did find it interesting their final choice designed by their in-house designer has some similarities to my design. As the saying goes, ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery‘.

Robogeddon badge design comparison

My design aired Nov. 23, 2011 and final design aired Nov. 30, 2011 – photo credit Daily Planet, Discovery Channel.