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How will your website rank with the Google mobile-friendly update is the biggest questions being asked around the web today after Google announced that it will begin to favour ranking of websites based on their level mobile-friendliness.


What does this mean for your website?

If your website pages are legible and usable on mobile devices then Google will consider your website responsive and mobile-friendly and favour your search ranking over other websites that do not meet this new criteria. However, if your website pages are only designed for large screens or Flash based only animations then you may see a significant decrease in mobile search results. The main reason is simple – mobile users who are searching on mobile devices will receive search results most relevant to them, which of course are mobile-friendly websites. How does this effect desktop searches? Read on…


Is this the #Mobilegeddon?

Short answer: No, its not the #mobilegeddon. Mobile-friendliness search rankings are simply to help mobile users have a better overall online experience without getting frustrated with websites that are not optimized for smaller sized screens and touch based interaction.

Long answer: Maybe – desktop users on the other hand should see little change in their overall search rankings, but the danger they may fall in are that as more and more people turn to mobile browsing as their primary method of consume online content and commerce, the greater the chance sites that are not mobile-friendly may lose these potential customers to competitor sites that are mobile-friendly. It is in the interest of increasing the overall audience where responsive, mobile-ready designs begin to become an important issue.


How to test your website for mobile-friendliness

Google offers a very quick and simple Mobile Friendly Test to check indiviual pages for their levelo of “mobile-friendliness” and also offer suggestions on how to improve the pages.


I can help your site be mobile-friendly

For the last few years I have emphasized all my client websites be responsive and usable on mobile devices. Designing websites with modern up-to-date code (HTML5, CSS3, etc) and CMS solutions (WordPress) help meet current market and consumer trends in increasing mobile internet usage and ensures your online presence is viewable on as many devices as possible to reach all of your potential customers. Do you want your website to be ready for the mobile-friendly changes? Let me know how I can help.

You can read full details and information on the Google Webmaster Central Blog.


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