Content Creation.

Campaigns, Copywriting, Photography, Podcasts, Social Media Management, Video, Voice

Content IS the currency of digital media. Meaningful engagement with customers means knowing how to cater, grow and distribute your brand's message across the variety of social platforms.

Customers today interact in many more ways beyond traditional media. Print and television ads are no longer enough to gain the attention of your audience as the rise of social networks and digital platforms have moved most people’s experiences online.

Creating content that caters to individual social media pages can seem daunting, but I can help break through the noise to find your focus. For example, creating videos for YouTube will differ from those on Facebook. Twitter’s strength is with words while Instagram’s is with pictures. Having a keen awareness of how your brand can leverage social media has the potential to help promote your products and services to reach a wider audience.

Savage Lettuce Media

Savage Lettuce is the brand and central hub of most of my creative content and media. First launched in 2001, the website has grown from a standalone site to multiple associated properties designing original content in the areas entertainment, news & information and events. Examples of social media aggregation include YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and Podcasts (coming soon).

Sakura // Cherry Blossoms in High Park

Sakura in High Park is a popular website blog that tracks and reports the annual cherry blossom even in High Park, Toronto. First launched in 2012, the website has grown with a strong following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 2018 introduced YouTube and Facebook video with plans on added podcasts in the following year.

Steven Joniak Photography

Steven Joniak Photography features a variety of my photographic work such as events, nature, architecture, and more. It’s also the primary source of creative content for and my Instagram account. Older projects and experiments have also been archived in Flickr collections.

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