SOUL-dier of Positivity // Logo design for SICK Army Gear Merchandise

As part of the women’s line of SICK Army Gear apparel I designed and art directed a graphical logo based on the theme “SOUL-dier of Positivity”.

The design was to convey the message of positivity while maintaining the SICK Army Gear brand by incorporating the ‘logo cross’ located within the abstract heart and also a key element along the shoulder with an abstract flame. The concepts of the heart and flame carried through the idea of positivity through love and passion with a modern, stylistic approach.

The design focused toward a female audience and was generated initially in two (2) combinations – white apparel with pink graphics and black apparel with purple graphics.


  • conceptualized and designed graphical logo and typography
  • illustrated main graphics and elements to share the essence of the main brand identity
  • designed clothing merchandise graphic placement and colour themes
  • Categories: Brand Identity / Graphic Design / Logo & Illustration
  • Client: Sick Army Gear
  • Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro